Mountain View
Mountain View
 Stellar evolution 
1 Xiaoting Fu New PARSEC database of alpha enhanced stellar evolutionary tracks and isochrones for Gaia
2 Arnas Drazdauskas CNO abundances in low mass stars of open clusters
3 Javier Alonso NGC 6067: a young and massive open cluster with high metallicity
 Stellar Clusters: formation and evolution
4 Elisabetta Rigliaco Dynamical Analysis of L1688 in the rho-Ophiuchi star-forming region
5 Loredana Prisinzano Spectroscopic properties of young stars in the star forming region NGC6530
6 Thierry Morel A-type stars in the Gaia-ESO Survey: DR4 analysis results
7 David  Montes The Gaia-ESO Survey: membership, lithium and chromospheric activity of the of the young open clusters IC 2391, IC 2602 and IC 4665
8 David Montes The Gaia-ESO Survey: calibrating the lithium-age relation with open clusters and associations
9 Jamie C. Overbeek Membership and Fundamental Parameters of Open Cluster Trumpler 23
10 Elena Franciosini The double open cluster NGC 2451
 Galactic discs and Halo 
11 Hugo M. Tabernero Chemical tagging of stellar kinematic groups
12 Keith Hawkins At the interface of the disk and halo: A lesson from APOGEE
13 Kohei Hattori Particle-based chemo-dynamical distribution function
14 Šarūnas Mikolaitis CNO and distributions in the Galactic discs
15 Mindaugas Macijauskas Interstellar Extinction in the Direction of the Open Cluster NGC 2244
16 Justas Zdanavičius Interstellar extinction in the vicinity of the dark cloud LDN183 in Serpens
17 Michael R. Hayden Chemo-kinematical cartography of the Milky Way disk with GES iDR4 
18 Stanislava Bartašiūtė Bulk streaming motions of nearby K-M dwarfs
 Chemical Tagging 
19 Rodolfo Smiljanic Testing blind chemical tagging with the Gaia-ESO open clusters
20 Raquel Boesso Silva Study of clustering in the stellar abundances space using the Gaia-ESO survey
21 Mathieu Van der Swaelmen Carbon-enriched objects within the Gaia-ESO survey
22 Vilius Bagdonas Abundances of neutron-capture elements in open clusters 
 Bulge and Inner Galaxy 
23 Matthieu Portail Dynamical modelling of the Galactic bulge and long bar
24 Marius Maskoliūnas The dark cloud TGU H994 P1 (LDN 1399, LDN 1400 and LDN 1402): interstellar extinction and distance.
25 Baitian Tang Chemical Similarity (Dissimilarity) between the Milky Way Bulge and Elliptical Galaxies 
 Analysis methods and technology
26 Cameron Bell How well do we know the age of a given young star cluster?
27 Vardan Adibekyan Identifying the best elements for chemical tagging: The impact of the number of lines on measured scatter
28 Pedro Figueira A pragmatic Bayesian perspective on correlation analysis: your next new tool for GES
29 Angela Kochoska The Broadening Function (BF) approach as a tool in the search for binaries among peculiar stars with tSNE
30 Maria Tsantaki A new approach to analyse mid-resolution spectra
31 Danijela Birko Single lined spectroscopic binary stars in the Gaia-ESO Survey
32 Mathieu Van der Swaelmen Double and multiple-lined spectroscopic binaries in the Gaia-ESO Survey
33 Mathias Schultheis Gaia-ESO and APOGEE Field Coordination
34 Paula Jofre The Gaia  FGK Benchmark Stars
35 Eduardas Puzeras DESSE: a new software for a spectral line measurement
36 Ross Collins Using the GES Science Archive
37 Richard J. Jackson Determining the precision of GES radial velocities and projected rotation velocities
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