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    Tuesday, 1th December  
08:30 9:30 Registration  

Session I. Galactic Surveys: Progress Status
Chair Grazina Tautvaisiene

09:30 9:40 Opening of the Conference  
09:40 10:30 Gaia-ESO Survey progress update G. Gilmore & S. Randich
10:30 11:10 IT* Gaia Mission Status T. Prusti
11:10 11:40 Coffee Break  
11:40 12:20 IT* Mapping the Milky Way with the IPHAS, UVEX, and VPHAS+ surveys A. Drew
12:20 13:00 IT* Overview of APOGEE results C. A. Prieto
13:00 14:30 Lunch  
    Session II. Galactic Halo, Discs, and Bulge
Chair Georges Kordopatis
14:30 15:10 IT* Comparing Dwarf Galaxy stellar abundances with those in the Milky Way Halo E. Tolstoy
15:10 15:30 Contribution of GC stars to the Milky Way halo: looking for second generation-like stars A. Bragaglia
15:30 15:50 Dynamical Models of the Stellar Halo A. Williams
15:50 16:10 Chemical imprints of the Galctic disc formation R. Ženovienė
16:10 16:40 Coffee Break  
16:40 17:00 Is the alpha-enhancement a synonymous of old age? The perspective of open clusters L. Magrini
17:00 17:20 Metal-poor stars towards the Galactic bulge A. Koch
17:20 17:40 The OCCASO Survey L. Casamiquela
17:40 18:00 The New Milky Way Bar and Peanut Bulge O. Gerhard
18:00 18:20 Kinematics, metallicity distributions and alpha element abundances in the Galactic bulge from GES iDR4 data A. Rojas-Arriagada
18:40 19:30 Outreach programme at Planetarium  
19:30   Poster viewing and RECEPTION  
    Wednesday, 2th December  
    Session III. Chemodynamical modelling
Chair Andreas Korn
09:30 10:10 IT* Modelling of the Milky Way using massive stellar surveys J. Binney
10:10 10:30 Abundance Ratios and the Chemodynamical Evolution of the Milky Way Disc A. Just
10:30 10:50 The Milky Way disc formation and evolution from population synthesis A.C. Robin
10:50 11:10 Chemo-dynamical modelling of APOGEE J. L. Sanders
11:10 11:30 Constraining the IMF with chemodynamical MW-models J. Rybizki
11:40   Departure to the Vilnius University (VU)  
12:00 13:00 Lunch at VU  
13:00 14:30 Excursion at VU  
14:30   Departure to BestWestern  
15:00 16:30 Parralel sessions WG10,11,12,14 (BestWestern)  
15:00 19:00 Workshop (BestWestern)  
16:30 17:00 Coffee break  
17:00 19:00 Internal GES meeting  
19:00   GES steering committee meeting  
    Thursday, 3rd December  
    Session IV. Kinematics and dynamics of stellar populations
Chair Antonella Vallenari
10:00 10:40 IT* N-body models of GES young clusters: a clue for understanding the cradle of stars M. Mapelli
10:40 11:00 The mass-independent dynamics of stars in the young open cluster NGC 2516 R.D. Jeffries
11:00 11:20 Massive-star clusters in the GES R. Blomme
11:20 11:40 The structure of Trumpler 14 and 16 in the Carina Nebula. F.Damiani
11:40 12:10 Coffee break  
12:10 12:30 Structure and dynamics of the young cluster NGC 2264 G.G. Sacco
12:30 12:50 Looking for phase-space structures in star-forming regions: An MST-based methodology M. González
12:50 13:10 Climbing the cosmic distance ladder with stellar twins P. Jofre
13:10 13:30 A new dynamical framework of the Besancon galaxy model in the era of large spectroscopic surveys J. G. Fernandez-Trincado
13:30 15:00 Lunch  
    Session V. Stellar evolution
Chair Rodolfo Smiljanic
15:00 15:40 IT* Models of red giants in the CoRoT asteroseismology fields combining asteroseismic and spectroscopic constraints N. Lagarde
15:40 16:00 Exploring the Chemical Evolution of Globular Clusters and their Stars P. Gruyters
16:00 16:20 The peculiar globular cluster NGC 1851: high-resolution spectroscopy of 45 red giants G. Tautvaišienė
16:20 16:50 Coffee break  
16:50 17:30 IT* Rotation and activity evolution of stars A. Lanzafame
17:30 17:50 Lithium evolution from Pre-Main Sequence to the Spite plateau: an environmental solution to the cosmological lithium problem X. Fu
17:50 18:10 Chromospherically active field stars M. Zerjal
19:00   Departure for Conference Dinner  
    Friday, 4th December  
    Session VI. Analysis methods and technology
Chair Elena Franciosini
09:30 10:10 IT* Overview of ESO spectroscopic infrastructure development plans L. Pasquini
10:10 10:30 Large surveys of Galactic populations with the new WEAVE facility V. Hill
10:30 10:50 The Gaia-ESO Survey: the selection function of the Milky Way field stars E. Stonkutė
10:50 11:10 Filling in the Benchmark Gap: Metal-poor Gaia Benchmark stars K. Hawkins
11:10 11:40 Coffee break  
11:40 12:00 How different radiative transfer codes can impact the determination of stellar atmospheric parameters? S. Blanco-Cuaresma
12:00 12:20 Diffuse Interstellar Bands: The Progress and Importance of the Gaia-ESO Survey J. Kos
12:20 12:40 Exploring peculiar morphologies using t-SNE reduction of spectral information G. Traven
12:40 12:50 Closing of the Conference G. Tautvaišienė & Š. Mikolaitis
14:00   Guided walking tour in Vilnius (additional registration will be undertaken on Dec 1)  
    Wednesday, 2th December  
    Parallel sessions  
    WG10 meeting programme (preliminary)  
15:00 15:40 Spectroscopic analysis of Giraffe FGK stars A. Recio-Blanco
15:40 16:30 Discussion  
    WG11 meeting programme (preliminary)  
15:00 15:40 Ensemble measurements from iDR4 UVES data A. Casey
15:40 16:30 Discussion  
15:00 16:30 WG12 meeting programme (preliminary)  
15:00 16:30 WG14 meeting programme  
    WG14 data analysis  
    Follow-up observations  
    Strange birds  
    Next DR  




*IT – Invited Talk


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